Chairman's Message

I am pleasurably felicitous to present the annual Report and Accounts for the year 2010, which is most profitable and satisfactory era never ever marked in the history of the Sate Printing...

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State Printing Corporation.


We are State Printing Corporation incorporated under the Act No. 24 of 1968 and now functions as a Statutory Institution under the purview of the Ministry of Mass Media and Information. Since that we have been the flagship organization in the printing industry Sri Lanka .

State printing Corporation is the second largest printing organization in Sri Lanka. We, as the SPC believe in the key precepts of productivity, customer needs, leadership at the printing had enabled us to stride in the market for over four decades covering changes in the economy, competition and technology.


We own the household brand name SPC and we manufacture a range of quality exercise books, stationery items, publications and special printing etc. Also we are in the process of introducing a range of quality products which have a high demand in the market at much affordable price.